Union Jack Silk Pocket Square—Handkerchief, By Glamorous Pochette


They say you wear your heart on your sleeve, but we at Glamorous Pochette say, why not in your pocket?

Maybe you’re a British chap abroad who gets a bit homesick now and again. Or maybe you’re someone who longs to take a foggy stroll in London, a ramble through the Lake District, a walk near a Welsh castle, a visit to the romantic vistas of Edinburgh, or a hike along the dramatic North Irish coastline. Whoever you are, you can show your love with our Union Jack pocket square!


A pocket square is the perfect way to add a splash of excitement to a suit or a touch of whimsical sophistication to a jacket. It’s a way to blend refinement with elegance, self-expression, and, sometimes, downright fun.

When you think about it, that combination is a British tradition. From dandies like Oscar Wilde, to legendary sharp dressers like James Bond, to modern-day red carpet stand-outs like Idris Elba, David Beckham, and Ewan McGregor, so many British men know how to wear a suit – and they know how amazing a pocket square looks with one.

Our Union Jack pocket square is as unique and stylish as the place that inspired it. Made of high quality 100% silk, with hand-rolled edges, it respects the Union Jack’s metrics, so you really will have a little bit of the UK in your pocket — not just a pale copy.

So how to wear the Union Jack Silk Pocket Square?

We suggest letting this pocket square peek out in a one-point fold from a black suit’s breast pocket.

Or if you’re feeling particularly bold and patriotic, why not try a reverse puff fold? For the full British effect, pair your square with a dark blue pinstriped suit for an air of Savile Row, and you’re good to go.

And for a casual night out, have some fun and let your pocket square contrast with a pattern on your button-down shirt (For more ideas on pocket square folds and how to match pocket squares to the rest of what you’re wearing, feel free to visit our website and download our free book.)

Are you ready?

The best thing about wearing a pocket square is that it draws eyes and, often, starts conversations. This one will let you reminisce or revel in your thoughts on the UK, and do the same for others around you, too. So buy a pint and settle in for some great discussions.

And to keep those glances and conversations alive for a long time, your pocket square comes with a way to keep it neat and safe — its own box, proudly displaying our logo. The box isn’t mere packaging: when you’re not wearing it, keep your pocket square folded in here to protect it from the sun, dust, and any other mishaps that might come its way.

Our Union Jack pocket square is bold and sophisticated, like British fashion itself. Get yours today and start making a statement!

Union Jack Pocket Square

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