Are You Trying Too Hard By Wearing a Pocket Square?

The key to looking your best is all about obtaining a natural style that is effortless. This means that you have to find the middle ground between looking like you don’t care at all and looking like you are trying too hard. When wearing a pocket square, you can still look natural if you choose the right style.

are you trying too hard by wearing a pocket square ?

Random or Matching

When choosing a pocket square to go with any look, it is important to never choose at random or try to match. Choosing at random will leave you with a pocket square that does not enhance your look and overtly matching just does not create cohesive style the flows. This means that you should only wear pocket squares that compliment your look.

This will help you achieve a style that is seamless and does not create the illusion that you care too much.

What About Color?

The most important element of any pocket square is often the color. You do not want a pocket square that simply blends in with the color of your jacket. In contrast, you want a pocket square that is a sort of distinctive piece and draws attention. Just because you are wearing a navy jacket that doesn’t mean you have to wear a bright pick pocket square to stand out. Pink might be too much, but a silk white pocket square is distinctive and still subtle. Wearing a pocket square with style is always about walking the fine line between too much and not enough.

Harmony should be the expectation of any pocket square, because your goal is not to distract.

white pocket square

Our Pocket Square: White Snow

Tie and Pocket Square

Your jacket is not the only piece of clothing that should be complimented by your pocket square. In regards to your tie, you should choose a pocket square that compliments the most powerful color.

This does not mean to choose exactly the same shade, but to choose a color that looks good when paired with the dominant color of your tie.

What Material Should You Choose?

When it comes to pocket squares, wool and silk can go with just about any attire. However, some silk pocket squares do look a bit more formal. Try not to look to over the top and keep it casual with pocket squares for everyday wear. You can wear a pocket square with any look if you know how to make it appear that you are not trying too hard.  For this, we recommend you reading our latest articles in the blog !

Stay classy. Stay glamorous!


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