Ties and Pocket Squares, How Does It Work?

What goes together better than ties and pocket squares? Nothing we can think of.

Together, ties and pocket squares make the perfect fashion forward purchase. They are also great for gifts. Exciting new ideas can also make your ties and pocket squares look even more fabulous. Here, we will look at why the pochette and the tie go hand in hand. We will also talk about new trends in wearing them both. Lastly, we will tell you how to make your whole outfit coordinate with the use of these accessories.

Tie and pocket square

The Perfect Companions

A great suit or sports jacket looks incomplete without a tie and pocket square. They simply complement each other unlike any other masculine accessories. Because of this, gift sets of perfectly matched squares and ties continue to be popular. You can see everyone, from James Bond to Don Draper, sporting exciting and fashionable combinations. One without the other just seems strange. Some fashion icons may also opt to show just a bit of cuff in their trendy suits. You can wear a tie and matching square to nearly any event where you are wearing a suit or sports jacket.


Something Different

Want to opt for something a bit different? You can also pair a bow tie with a trendy pocket square. Some have even decided to break the mold a bit and match their square to their shirt, not only their tie. But do not get too match-y. Instead, go for a pattern or color that echoes another color or pattern in your shirt or tie. Have fun mixing and matching these items. With just around 7 of each in your closet, the possibilities are nearly endless. Just do not wear the same tie or square two days in a row.


Make It Look Good

How can you make your ties and pocket squares look great? For ties, go the extra mile and invest in a tie bar. For pocket squares, try to look for colors and fabrics that echo the season like we ofter do with our collections. Whereas the tie is all about the knot, your pocket square should be all about the fold. Take time to learn a few news ones. Use them as appropriate for the event, as well as your outfit. Remember to take a bit of time to adjust both your tie and your pocket square to get them looking just so. By doing this, you cannot go wrong.

Stay classy. Be Glamorous!

Until next time.

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