Are Pocket Squares UNPROFESSIONAL?

I got recently an email from a friend saying:

“Kamal, I like your Pocket Squares, but I’m not sure about them. Do you think it’s unprofessional to wear a pochette?”

And here is my answer.

For many people, defining men’s style and fashion statement could be very difficult. Well… that should not be the case.

In men’s style, there are vibrant and elegant small piece of cloth that could make a big difference. Besides, fashion thing is not a rocket science – it is an art. The difference can start in a piece of high quality piece of cloth inside your left breast pocket, and that is no other than pocket square. Technically, it is not intended to be functional at all. The main purpose of it is just for a show. You don’t wear it to wipe your nose or your sweat. You don’t use it just to cover your head against the heat of the sun. However, wearing them could possibly change your day, who knows?

are pocket square unprofessional

It is the most vital tool for defining a modern man these days. But, when it comes to pocket squares, there are some questions that seek answers.

  • What is the right way to make it appear nonchalant?
  • Does it have to match what you are wearing?
  • Are they unprofessional?

Actually, there is no firm rule for selecting the best pocket square to wear. As long as it looks perfect with your tie and shirt, you can walk out the door and off you go. It can make an ordinary suit unique that can make you stand out in a crowd.

Men before are already using pocket square, though they use it for a different purpose however, it never fades. And now, they are back to rock the fashion world of men. It’s been widely used by many again. When wearing a suit, this small accessory can make you look pleasing to the eye of many. Apart from that, pocket square is a way for you to personalize your style or your fashion statement while staying very stylish.

pocket square for business

Wearing a Pochette can also help you to express yourself, it is a good way to show other people who you really are. However, is it safe if you will just express yourself out? How about if you will wear it for business matters? Is it unprofessional? Well… It’s just a matter of taste and opinion and of course, you also need to follow some rules about the right color to use and the proper fold.

Again, it’s not about matching the pocket square to your shirt and tie, it’s more on compliments. Since white is neutral, it can be the safest color and solids are the easiest to compliment. If you will ask the opinion of fashion experts, they will definitely recommend the square pockets with unexpected colors and patterns.

For you to look professional, choosing the right fold also matters. You should set the fold in the middle of too formal and very informal. Don’t fold it like it will stick unnatural out of the place because it can catch the attention of many.

Short story long: Pocket Squares aren’t unprofessional at all. In fact, if you just choose the right Pochette to use, it will work well for your advantage.

And you can trust us on this one 😉

Until next time!

Glamorously yours,


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