Some Common Pocket Square Questions (and our Answers)

So you’ve decided to take your dapper appearance to the next level, by wearing a pocket square. But as you embark on this sartorial adventure, a few questions may come to mind.  After all, when it comes to choosing a pocket square, not just any mere handkerchief will do – or will it?  Fear not, good sir – we’re looking out for you!  Here are answers to three common pocket square queries:


1. Is a pocket square really for me?

There is no “right” answer to this, alas.  Do you feel comfortable wearing a pocket square?  Do you accept the commitment of neatly folding it as you get ready to face the world every morning?  Are you convinced that a pocket square will make you look more elegant and interesting to the people around you – and, perhaps most importantly, to the guy you’re looking at in the mirror?  If the answers to these questions are “No”, then it is possible that, despite their gloriousness, you may not want to add a pocket square to your everyday look.  But think long and hard, for pocket squares do have many advantages.

2. What kind of handkerchief should I choose? 

First of all, let us give you this gentle reminder: a pocket square may actually resemble a handkerchief, but it is this piece of material’s privileged cousin.  Remember that pocket squares and a functional handkerchief are two very different things: once your pocket square is in your breast pocket, that’s where it should stay for the day.  Keep an actual handkerchief, or a pack of tissues, or what have you, elsewhere on your person.

Now that that’s been cleared up, we’ll share something with you: like many things in life, pocket squares come in a huge range of looks and prices.

You can find some splendid ones that range in the hundreds of dollars or euros or whatever might be your currency of choice, but you can also find relatively inexpensive but still great-looking ‘squares in just about any store where men’s clothing is sold.  And we mean really inexpensive – sometimes even lower than $10 (or euros or whatever might be your currency of choice…).  The important thing to consider is the look you’re going for.  If you like simple, but still refined, you may choose a fine, white linen pocket square.  If you’re more audacious, you may veer into brightly colored, patterned silks. Or, of course, you can choose one of each, and a few other looks as well.  For those who want a completely unique look and aren’t afraid of a sewing machine, you can even make your own pocket square.  Here is a rather helpful tutorial that should work for any fabric you choose. And of course, if you feel less adventruous, we recommend you our Glamorous Pochette.

3. Should my pocket square match something?

The general idea with a pocket square is not to match another piece of your clothing exactly, but to highlight or set it off.

For example, if you’re wearing a tie that has some blue in it, you may choose to wear a blue pocket square.  However, if your tie is a solid color, it is strongly advised not to match it exactly with a pocket square.  Most of us in the dandy persuasion consider this gauche.  In such a case, you may consider wearing a pocket square in a color that is a compliment to your tie, for a bright splash of color.  For example, using a color wheel, we can see that your blue tie would best be complimented by an orange pocket square.  Some gentlemen even take things a bit farther, pairing a patterned tie with a pocket square that sports a different pattern that still matches and sets it off well. You can also consider highlighting your shirt or socks. For the less bold, white generally works – and it also looks fantastically elegant when you’re wearing a tux, as oh-so-many finely dressed celebrities’ red carpet appearances attest.  For inspiration, we highly suggest doing an image search for “pocket squares” and seeing all the wondrous variety that comes up.

We hope these answers have helped you in your quest for personal sartorial elevation.  For more information about pocket squares, read on.

Glamorously yours,