A Pocket Square For Every Occasion

Pocket squares are a growing trend among stylish men looking to enhance their appeal.

In the past, the breast pocket of a suit was used for business cards or accessible pens, but now style and flair have taken over. Now is the time to undo the stitching of your breast pocket and insert a stylish pocket square is the final touch to your suit. Many men from George Clooney to your local insurance salesmen can rock a pocket square with confidence. And you should as well.

Express Your Style

Since a pocket square is another way to show off your style, you have the ability to use this accessory to try out new looks. A pocket square might just be made of a small amount of material, but it has the potential to make quite a statement. A small pocket square has the ability to transform any suit with ease and create a completely unique look. The trick involves knowing when to where each type or style of pocket square. Not every occasion is the right time to rock purple polka dots on your pocket square. Timing is everything and now you will learn all the tips that you need to know.

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Art Not Science

When it comes time to pick out a pocket square, you should remember that it is an art and no science is involved.

If you feel good about how you look, that really is all that matters. The key to picking out the right pocket square for any occasion involves choosing one that compliments your look without matching. You never want to have just one color of shirt, tie and pocket square, because that is simply too much. A great casual work look includes a denim inspired dress shirt matched with and off-white dress shirt and a dark blue pocket square with white detailing. This creates a cohesive look that is not too matchy.


Goes With Everything

It is important to note that a pocket square can complement every outfit. This spans from casual to formal and every look in between. Bold colors are best for more casual occasions and solid colored pocket squares are often more formal, but you can interchange your style on a whim. There are countless patterned pocket square options that you can choose from to complete any look.

No matter the occasion, you can add a pocket square to increase your style.

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