Pocket Square Care Tips

A pocket square is the final touch to any look and is the perfect way to appear more dapper. You can transform your style and exude more confidence by just adding a small piece of fabric to your breast pocket on your suit jacket. However, it is important to remember that looking good is not always easy and it often requires at least a little effort. If you want to keep your pocket squares looking fashionable and neat, you should listen to these simple pocket square care tips.

The Fabric Matters

When it comes time to taking  care of your pocket squares, you need to be aware of the type of fabric that you are dealing with. Silk is one of the highest quality fabrics that pocket squares are made out of and this type requires high-maintenance. The best bet is to have silk pocket squares dry cleaned, but the next best thing is to hand wash them in warm water with just a dab of soap. Wool is another common fabric for pocket squares that is also highly delicate. You should never use washing machine for wool pocket squares and should always wash them by hand only. Cotton pocket squares are also popular, but they are more durable and easier to care of. You can machine-wash these pocket squares, but always let them air dry.


Iron in the Creases

If you want your pocket square to have a neat and stylish look, you can iron it. This allows you to fold it and iron in the creases for a polished style that others will notice. Almost all pocket square fabrics including silk, wool and cotton can be ironed for a clean and neat style.

Dark Colors Are Best

When you are getting ready to splurge on silk pocket squares, it might be a good idea to opt for darker colors. The position of the pocket square leaves it vulnerable to staining if you are accident prone especially. Some soup or pilled coffee can easily make its way onto your dapper pocket square. However, pocket squares with dark colors and patterns make it harder to spot stains. If you are going to buy an expensive pocket square, you should stay on the safe side and go dark.

Stock Up

Pocket squares are designed to transform your look and take your style up a notch. This can only be accomplished if you have more than one color or pattern, so stock up on fun and bold pocket squares that are easy to care for.

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