Meqnes, a Moroccan Luxury Brand, Launches Local Production Celebrating Moroccan Craftsmanship

Casablanca, Morocco – 13/02/2024

Meqnes, the Moroccan luxury brand known for its high-quality leather products, today announces its official launch in Morocco, marking a significant milestone in its journey. In a bold and inspiring move, Meqnes has shifted its entire production to the Kingdom, committing to exclusively use local artisans and 100% Moroccan materials.

Founded by Kamal Jahid, a Moroccan entrepreneur with a passion for his country’s traditional craftsmanship, Meqnes has quickly become synonymous with quality, durability, and style. The shift to local production is a love letter to Moroccan craftsmanship and acknowledges the immense talent of artisans in the Kingdom.

Our mission at Meqnes is to merge the rich Moroccan heritage with contemporary luxury. Bringing our production back to Morocco is not just a celebration of our culture and heritage; it also contributes to the local economy and the development of artisanal skills,” says Kamal Jahid, founder of Meqnes.

Meqnes’ range of products, including belts, bags, and other leather accessories, is designed to reflect the essence of modern Morocco while staying true to traditional techniques. Each piece is a tribute to Moroccan craftsmanship, combining timeless design and exceptional artisanship.

With this initiative, Meqnes hopes not only to strengthen the presence of Moroccan craftsmanship on the global luxury stage but also to inspire a new generation of Moroccan artisans and entrepreneurs. The official launch of Meqnes in Morocco is a bold step forward towards realizing this vision.

About Meqnes:

Meqnes is a Moroccan luxury brand specializing in high-quality leather goods. Founded on the principles of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship and modern aesthetics, Meqnes strives to create unique products that celebrate Moroccan cultural heritage while perfectly suited for contemporary life.