How To Really Wear a Pocket Square

How to wear a pocket square

Most suits for men have a pocket in front of it. This pocket is not a simple pocket in suits because it allows men to place some stuff which make it more attractive and neat to look at. Aside from pen, you can also put a pocket square on it, or a Pochette, just like how we like to call it here at Glamorous Pochette.

Pocket square is a form of handkerchief which is four bordered thin fabric where you can place in a suit purse or pocket. The other name for pocket square is a handkerchief. It is made in different colors and sizes so you can choose the pocket square that will match with the color of your suit.

There are lots of pocket square today that are offered in the market but the thin cloth of it is not really soft. You must be careful in choosing the right one. You must purchase the branded pocket square and you should go for the one that can suit the needs your needs. You should choose one that is really soft and manageable to use. But, before you purchase a pocket square, you must know first how to wear it.

The following are the steps you need to follow on how to wear it properly. You can use these as your helpful guide while you are starting to perform it.

How to wear a pocket square

  1. Select the pocket square you think will match with your suits. The color and pattern of it should be endless.
  2. When you have your desired pocket square, fold it straightly. This will create a straight line of color on top of your pocket seam. Lay down your pocket square flat and fold the right border above the left border in half. Get the bottom part of it and fold it again upward. Put it in your jacket so that you will see if you will have to fold it one more time or not.
  3. Create a corner fold in your pocket square. Lay it down towards you. In this position, you will see that it forms a perfect diamond shape. Make a triangle and you can do it by getting the bottom corner of it above and grab them so that they will meet at the center. In this part, you will see that it looks like a shape of the house. Fold the bottom for about third of the way and place it again in your pocket so that you will see if it suits your pocket.
  4. Create a pocket puff. Put again your pocket square down in order to make it more flat and touch the fabric in the center while meeting it inward. While you are holding the center part of your pocket square, get the fabric in the base of your puff just like that you are creating a ghost along with an air filled head. Always maintain the puff insert in the pocket square downward in your pocket so that the circular half moon of it rises on the top of your pocket line.

Please be careful when you follow these steps. Pay attention to each step to achieve the best result. Have fun, and be Glamorous. Glamorous Pochette!