How to Fold a Pocket Square for a Wedding

Folding a pocket square is an important art for any man to know. When it comes to how to fold a pocket square for a wedding, there are a few common ways. Just start with a pocket square which features a color or design that matches at least one color on your tie. White is the most common. Then, you are ready to get started. Here, we will talk about how you can fold a pocket square for a wedding in a few common styles. Just choose which look you are going for.

How to Fold a Pocket Square for a Wedding

One Corner

The one corner fold is formal, but not overly so. You can wear it with a tux or a suit. Here is how to fold a pocket square for a wedding in the one corner style. Start off with the square on a flat surface. Have it so it appears as a diamond. Fold the bottom corner up to the top corner. You should have a triangle. Cross the corners of the triangle over (right corner to left and left corner to right). You can fold the bottom towards the top part a bit, if you would like. Stick it in your pocket with the fold down, and adjust.

one cornr fold wedding pocket square


The puff is even more informal than the one corner, but very popular and fashionable. Here is how to fold a pocket square for a wedding puff style. With the square on a surface, gather in the middle. Firmly grasp it with that hand while using the other to gather the natural folds. Take a moment to include the bottom in the gathering. Then, stick it in your suit pocket. You should feel free to do a bit of finagling, here, to get the right look.

puff fold pocket square wedding


Want to know how to fold a pocket square for a wedding in the most formal style? This is known as the straight fold. Lay out your pocket square on a flat surface so it looks like a square. Fold it in half by bringing the left side over to the right. You can now fold the bottom up just a bit, but not all the way. At this point, you can be done, or you can fold the whole thing in thirds. Either way, place it in your pocket with either the fold out, or the edges out. Adjust the height.


Now that you know how to fold a pochette for a wedding, in 3 different styles, all what you have to do is get ready for the big day, assuming that you have already found the one 🙂

If not, well, we wish you good luck and, for now, just go out and have some fun, in style, with Glamorous Pochette!


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