Color Matching Your Bow Tie – How To Do It Right?

Today we are going to put the Pocket Squares aside, and talk a little bit about the magic of Bow Ties.

To begin with, you must know that bow ties come in various colors and styles so you will have lots of choices on it. Because of this, most men are having difficulties in choosing the right one. Doing this task is really hard primarily when you don’t know the matching color of the bow tie to your suit. There are times that some men are asking for help from a staff of a store that sells suits and bow ties. Actually, this is really a great and helpful thing for them because they can easily see the perfect color of bow tie that will match with the color of their suit.

Because the fashion trend today is different from the previous years, the styles and designs of bow ties are now made even better for men.

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Most of men who like fashion often experiment to wear different colors of bow ties with their suits and formal shirts. Doing this allows them to see the right color and design of bow ties that really match the color of their suit. It’s a pretty adventurous move, but it always pays off. Big time.

However, if you don’t like wasting lots of time in doing this, there are several tips below that can help you in performing color matching. These steps are made by the experts so you will have the assurance that it will give you great result.

Tips on how to match a bow tie with a suit

  1. You can wear colorful bow tie along with jeans and shirt. Color green, red, or pink are the right choices for your crisp white shirt.
  2. Bright or motley bow tie is good to match in a light solid color dark suit and shirt.
  3. Finely or one colored pattern of bow ties are the finest match for the suits that comes with plaid or striped fabrics.
  4. Solid bow ties that contain plain shades suit in a checkered or striped shirt and multi-colored suit.
  5. Wool solid bow ties that are boldly worn are the best to with plain shirts.

match a bow tie with a suit

Be reminded that you must avoid using too garish and colorful bow ties because it will never create good appearance to the people around you. More is less. Remember that.

You can only use it once your suit comes with solid colors. When you are wearing motley suit, you must balance the color of it with a plain color bow tie. Following these tips will never fail you in providing great result and appearance. Never forget the golden rule which is “your clothes must not be with more than three matching shades”.

In addition, aside from its color, you must also check the appearance of it once your tie it up. It is significant for you to do it to see to it that your suit will be more presentable. More glamorous. More classy. You can ask for a help on how to tie it up to your friends or staff in a store that sells bow ties. One thing is for sure when you have complete understanding on how to match various colors of bow ties in suits, you can easily pair and assess it without spending lots of time. You can also improve your appearance that supports you to get women’s attention with ease. If that’s your goal 😉

color matching bow tie

Oh! And you don’t have to be this angry when you wear a bow tie…

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